Timing the Market

With so many factors having an influence on energy prices, how do you identify optimal buying opportunities?

Energy Markets are volatile for a number of reasons such as weather conditions, supply and demand, natural gas production and geopolitical events. 

Working with a trusted Energy Advisor at BPE will keep you up to date on the electric and natural gas markets to identify opportunities to purchase energy when prices are lower. We’ve seen this strategy significantly reduce costs over time for our clients.

Our methods lead to avoided costs, protected budgets, saved time, and elevated financial conditions.

“The team at Best Practice Energy is knowledgeable, responsive and pro-active in constantly monitoring the markets. They have consistently given us favorable advice in both when to procure new contracts and the recommended length of the contract so that we can maximize both price and opportunity.”

– Tammy Lautz Director of Property Management, Elderly Housing Management.

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