August 2023


Hurricane Season and the Energy Market

Hurricanes and tropical storms can have significant effects on the energy market due to their potential to disrupt both the supply and demand sides of natural gas and electricity. 

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Energy 101

The Evolving Energy Landscape – The Future of Renewable Energy

The United States is undergoing a shift in its electricity generation, commonly referred to as the “grid mix.”  To put it in perspective, there has been a 68% decline in coal-fired generation from 2010 to 2020.  In New York City, a large effort is underway to harness clean energy solutions with ambitious sustainability goals. NYC

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Peak Day Management – A Success Story

If you live in the Northeast, you’ve certainly experienced a summer heatwave. On these days, commercial and residential buildings all have their air conditioning units on high. This increases the amount of usage and demand for electricity on the grid.   When these heatwaves sustain for multiple days, the grid eventually reaches its highest amount of

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