Energy 101: Why Work with an Energy Advisor?

At Best Practice Energy our Energy Advisors are your first point in contact for the energy procurement journey. The Energy Advisor’s role is to help you manage market timing, product structure, purchasing and more.    

You’ll see many advantages when working with a trusted Energy Advisor. 

Market Timing

Energy Markets are volatile for a number of reasons such as weather conditions, supply and demand, and geopolitical events. An Energy Advisor will keep you up to date on the market and identify opportunities to purchase energy when prices are lower. We’ve seen this strategy significantly reduce energy costs over time.

Confidently Navigate Various Products with a Team of Energy Veterans

Our Energy Advisors work hand in hand with our Strategy team to ensure your business is purchasing energy in the most cost effective and strategic manner. Utilizing data-backed consultant tools, we guide our clients throughout the entire energy procurement process.  

Competitive Market View

Our clients will see a a range of bids from top suppliers for a competitive market view. We help guide you through the purchasing process with unparalleled education, advocacy and support to make smarter decisions.

Overall, we want to help you make more informed and strategic decisions for your business’ energy purchasing. A great relationship with a trusted Energy Advisor leads to avoided costs, protected budgets, saved time and elevated financial conditions.  

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