The secret sauce behind all of our energy management systems and energy procurement techniques is data!

Everyday we process a plethora of data from a wide variety of macro and micro energy market driver sources such as electricity and natural gas market information, historical price analysis, weather patterns & forecasts, legislative outlooks, the economy, individual load analyses, generation fleet information, and much more.

From designing your purchasing strategy to timing the market and everything in between, all of the data we take in becomes the backbone of our Whole Energy Health energy management system and informs every piece of guidance we provide, which all results in real cost avoidance on your electricity and natural gas bills.

A depiction of the data points used by our energy management systems

BPE Energy Management Systems Portal

Once we’ve used all of these energy market data points to inform & implement your electricity and natural gas management strategy, we feed your past and present usage information into the BPE Portal. Our complimentary, state-of-the-art portal gives you access to a variety of features that help you budget & analyze your historical usage as well as ensures that all of your energy billing and account needs are in one place so you can put more time and money back into your day!

Billing Statements Online
Digital Filing Cabinet
Messages & Alerts
Data Management
Budgeted Vs. Actual Usage & Costs
New Updates And Functionalities
Upcoming Runway Contracts

Screenshot of the dashboard of the Best Practice Energy management system portal

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