Best Practice Energy Joins Environ Energy for a Sustainable Energy Future

We are excited to announce that Best Practice Energy has recently been acquired by Environ Energy, a leading energy management firm that focuses on sustainable solutions for energy efficiency and clean energy sources. As part of the acquisition, Best Practice Energy will serve as a division within Environ, continuing to help clients achieve their energy goals while embracing the global shift toward cleaner energy sources and efficiency. 

With over $1 billion in energy contracts and over $100 million in demonstrated savings for clients in healthcare, hospitality, data centers, and industrial facilities across North America and abroad, Environ is a powerhouse in the energy management industry. By combining Best Practice Energy’s best-in-class approach to managing energy spend and tracking client needs with Environ’s expertise in sustainable energy solutions, this acquisition will provide even more comprehensive solutions to clients.

According to Mark Minninberg, CEO of Environ, “BPE (Best Practice Energy) has continuously served its clientele with innovative approaches to managing energy spend while tracking their growing needs. The acquisition provides both a top field operation and proprietary IT that we will deploy across a range of related services, including commercial energy procurement and efficiency, clean energy development, carbon tracking and reduction strategies, and ESG services.”

Best Practice Energy will remain intact as a division of Environ, and its founder and president, Bryan Yagoobian, expressed enthusiasm about the shared vision for innovation and service that the two companies have. “Our long-standing commitment to innovation and service is shared by everyone in the combined Environ organization. We are just getting started in terms of driving the energy transition,” he said. “From our first meetings together, our teams realized that BPE and Environ shared similar visions for how to accelerate our success through innovation and, most of all, by working hard to produce positive outcomes for our clients.”

Environ and Best Practice Energy teams will work diligently to ensure a smooth transition for both companies and their clients. This acquisition marks an important step forward in the journey toward a sustainable energy future.

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