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Do you know what you’re paying for on your electricity bills?

Most people don’t know this!  However, knowing what makes up your electricity bill is the first step to fully optimizing your energy contracts.  Once you know what’s in your electricity price, then you can start applying tailored strategies to each component.  This type of intelligent energy management is the key to getting the most value out of your energy contracts!

Our webinar below features Best Practice Energy’s own Mike Morin, VP of Sales & Client Strategy.  Mike breaks down each price component of an electricity bill in a simple and understandable way.  Then, he overviews strategies on how to take advantage of each one!  Watch it on-demand today!

These price components are fairly consistent across different ISO/RTO regions.  However, the percentage they take up of your price as well as little nuances vary from region to region.  Check out our blog posts to learn how they differ in ISO-NENYISO, and PJM Interconnection.

Managing Your Electricity Bill with Whole Energy Health

Designing a strategy for each component of your electricity price is a vital first step to lowering your energy bills.  It’s actually one of the 5 tenets of our turnkey energy management solution, Whole Energy Health.  We call this tenet ‘Component Strategy’ and it actually informs the strategy for all the other tenets!  The tenets of Whole Energy Health, an energy management solution that helps you reduce your electricity billWhole Energy Health is a holistic approach to energy procurement and management.  It is designed to be customized to the needs and budget goals of each business we work with. 

As energy brokers and consultants, our goal is to ensure your energy contracts are optimized. Energy procurement can be daunting and confusing!  We are here to guide you through these waters and ensure you are getting the most out of what you pay for.  Whole Energy Health is how we get your energy bills to where you want them to be!

Even if you’re currently in an energy contract, we can use Whole Energy Health to restructure your deal!  Check out this case study to find out how we did just this with a manufacturer’s contract! 

SPOILER ALERT: This led to $450k in energy bill savings over the course of their 4-year contract!  

Contact us to learn more about the components of an electricity bill and how we can help you find ways to reduce your costs through tailored energy management strategies!

Speaker Information

Portrait of Mike Morin, the speaker on this webinar
Mike Morin VP of Sales & Client Strategy

Michael Morin has served in the energy industry for over 25 years.  He has sold or consulted on billions of dollars worth of retail energy transactions in over 50 utilities in the ISO-NE, PJM, and NYISO areas. Mike has an extensive background in retail energy consulting developing procurement strategies. He is also well versed in managing teams that provide highly technical advice to end-users.

Michael began his energy career at Unitil working in various roles focused on managing their 300 MW and 2.5 BCF/yr electric and natural gas portfolios. At the same time, he also served on numerous ISO-NE committees. He then worked in a variety of sales positions with some of the nation’s leading energy supply companies including Constellation, NRG, and NextEra.

As VP of Sales and Client Strategy, Michael is charged with managing the entire sales team at Best Practice Energy.  His duties also include crafting energy cost-reduction strategies for our clients and providing technical expertise to facilitate energy strategy execution. He has developed the buying algorithm used by BPE that identifies strategic purchasing opportunities in the energy markets on behalf of our clients. 

Michael has degrees in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Maine.

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