Block Island’s Electric is now 100% Renewable Energy Generated

Block Island has achieved a complete transition to 100% renewable energy, marking the end of its reliance on fossil fuels.

Mohegan Bluffs, Block Island

This is the result of years of effort by the island’s year-round residents, the Solar Initiative, and the Block Island Utility District, both not-for-profit organizations.

In December, the State of RI Division of Public Utilities granted permission to the Block Island Utility District to approve and revise its rates to fund a 100 percent renewable procurement plan beginning January 1, 2024 – resulting in a 1 cent/kWh rate increase.

It’s important to note that this initiative is separate from the GE/Danish wind farm located off of Block Island. Despite the wind farm supplying electricity through a cable across Block Island to the mainland, none of its power generation is directly purchased by Block Island residents or the Block Island Utility District.

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