BPE Spotlight Award Dan Leonard

Best Practice Energy’s new quarterly Team Spotlight Award is given to our employees who discover & invent new ways to elevate our services for our clients.

For Q1, the award goes to Market & Strategy Analyst Dan Leonard!  

Dan joined Best Practice Energy in 2019 as a Business Development Representative.  Later, he transitioned to the Market Operations team.  In this role, Dan assists our Energy Advisors in designing tailored purchasing strategies for our clients.  He also works hand-in-hand with our energy supplier partners.

Headshot of Market and Strategy Analyst Dan Leonard
Market & Strategy Analyst Dan Leonard

Aside from these other responsibilities, Dan began 2021 by spearheading the development of our new Client Services Division.  Here, he enhanced our entire internal approach by boosting tracking  methods, increasing our response time, and optimizing outcomes.

When clients experience any sort of issue, there is no generated automated response.  Instead, Dan picks up the phone or schedules a remote meeting to walk our clients through solutions immediately.  Even though it has only been a few months of this, his personal touch and expertise has brought significantly more value to our clients.  Dan exemplifies BPE’s core competency of providing top-level service to our clients.

Dan injects the same fervor and passion into his free time that he applies at work. He is a family man who also spends his nights as both a coach and referee for youth sports in his town.  These include basketball, flag football, and hockey. 

Please join us in recognizing all the great things Dan has accomplished.  Thank you for all you do, Dan!  

About the Best Practice Energy Team Spotlight Award

The Best Practice Energy Team Spotlight Award recognizes our employees who have went above and beyond their duties to innovate and enact change in our company.  

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