Runway Management: Explained

So you’ve got a meeting with us? That’s great news! 

You’re probably wondering, ‘how can Best Practice Energy really help me save on energy bills?’, right? Well, that’s why we’ve prepared this video for you! The answer is intelligent energy procurement strategies tailored to your business.

In this short video, we discuss one of our energy procurement techniques called Runway Management. With this method, also known as tranche hedging, we strategically time energy markets and purchase your future energy contracts in small increments. An energy procurement method like this helps energy brokers like us capture market lows while insulating energy contracts from market volatility. This is just one aspect of our turnkey energy management solution, Whole Energy Health.

Businesses who purchase energy in conventional ways not like this are overpaying by an average of 18%! 

Runway Management is the secret to fully optimizing your energy contracts to give you back time, money, and budget certainty. Watch this video to get a taste of what we can do for your business! Can’t wait to discuss more in our meeting! In the meantime, be sure to check out our blog for more energy insight and news!

Contents of this Video

Are your energy costs weighting down your budget?  By changing how you purchase energy, you can easily optimize your next contract!  All you have to do is capture 1 or 2 market lows before your next contract’s start date!

Compared to traditional buying methods, purchasing this way increases cost avoidance by 18%!

Welcome to Runway Management!

This method is an aspect of the market timing piece of our turnkey energy management solution, Whole Energy Health.

With this technique, we purchase your next contract in increments, building it piece-by-piece over time. This presents more cost avoidance opportunities because future markets are significantly less volatile the further out you buy.

Informed by a plethora of data and proprietary algorithms, our energy advisors do all the heavy lifting and market timing for you!

Knowing that your next contract is already optimized and your budget secured, you can relax and focus on the rest of your job!

There’s no better time to start than today.  See you in the meeting!

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