Commodity Management

Best Practice has the right strategy to manage market participants. Our supplier-neutral, completely transparent process gives you confidence you’re getting the lowest price available. We take the guesswork out of how to arrive at the best price. Our rigorous supplier vetting process demands the highest levels of service and transparency. Our managed bid process drives competition to razor sharp pricing while our market knowledge keeps all participants transparent. Best Practice Energy’s expert negotiation and exclusive supplier contacts ensures you are getting the most for your energy dollars with the best terms and conditions. We bring millions of dollars of commodity contracts to market annually, our volume commands proper treatment for commodity contracting needs. For unparalleled access to competitive supplier, watch the action with our online reverse auction, see the absolute lowest price manifest.

If you’re a municipality or any local agency and would like a sole source Custom Reverse Auction, we can help. If you’re business requires a customer-tailored pricing and product implementation Best Practice will deliver.

The Best Practice bid process ensures that you are always obtaining the lowest spot-market price. The Best Practice strategy team works with your team to identify and select the right program to fit your budget and risk profile.

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