Best Practice Energy’s new quarterly Team Spotlight Award is given to our employees who discover & invent new ways to elevate our services for our clients.

For Q2, the award goes to Manager of Strategic Analysis TJ Salisbury!

Back in 2014 and in between his busy schedule of marketing classes and serving as the VP of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at the University of Rhode Island, TJ Salisbury began his journey into the energy industry as Best Practice Energy’s first intern.

After graduation in 2015, TJ took on the role of Marketing and Sales Coordinator and years later he worked his way to become a valuable member of the team as a Senior Market and Strategy Analyst.

Most recently here in the second quarter of 2021, TJ further established himself as an energy veteran showcasing a great display of market intelligence internally here at BPE as well as significantly enhancing our clients ongoing experience. This hard work has earned TJ a recent promotion to Manager of Strategic Analysis.

TJ’s helpful guidance and explanation through complex contract language has led to a comfortable procurement experience for our clients as well as supplier partners. Navigating pricing components for electric and natural gas charges can be very challenging and TJ patiently works hand in hand with our clients to provide an in-depth analysis for the entire process.  This has really given customers a confidence boost and exemplifies BPE’s core competency of providing top-level service to our clients

Always in the loop in the ever-changing energy market, TJ is able to come up with creative ways to reduce customers costs and mitigate risk for the years ahead with hedging strategies and other non-procurement methods. Recently he has assisted many new facilities (particularly in the cannabis industry) initiate their operations in a way that would advantageously set them up for future growth. 

In his free time, TJ enjoys everything Rhode Island and New England has to offer – especially trips to Block Island in the summer. He’s always staying active whether it’s at the gym or on the golf course and loves following his New England sports teams the Patriots and Bruins.

It’s been incredible to see TJ go from a college intern to an integral part of the team here BPE. A well-deserved congratulations for this quarters spotlight award…well done TJ!  


About the Best Practice Energy Team Spotlight Award

The Best Practice Energy Team Spotlight Award recognizes our employees who have went above and beyond their duties to innovate and enact change in our company.  

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